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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Street Scene!

Last night, I was determined to learn how to take better pictures, so Aaron and I went to Nampodong in search of some photo opts. I'm convinced that I've got a long way to go in mastering photography, but I don't mind... I like the learning process, and especially the practice! I decided to document the delicious, oily, fried, and extremely crowded, Nampodong street food scene! ENJOY! 

Fresh, steamed corn!

BBQ'd chicken on a stick...

Grilled and dried squid tentacles!

Waffles with frosting!  (Believe it or not, I've yet to actually taste one of these!)

More corn... and baked potatoe sticks...

Kimbap, rice sticks in red sauce, and fried fish - on a stick and marinated in fish soup...

Delicious fried pastry with cinamon and sunflower seeds inside!

The only Korean who was willing to allow me to take her picture!  :)

Grilled chicken on a stick, and corn dogs-covered in fried potaoes!  Strange, I know!

Little squid balls!

Pork burritos!  One of my favorites!

As a side note... how amazing are the kids shoes here?!  I want a little girl, just to dress her in over-the-top Korean stuff!

Mandu, cow intestine, and pajung!

Any and every kind of vegetable, covered in a flour mix, and dipped in boiling oil!  Notice, Korean's are all about this place!


Candy covered nuts, waffers, and banana chips!

All I see in this picture are the 3 GIGANTIC blocks of butter!  Eeehhhh

Fancy seafood - octopus, clams, shrimp, lobster, etc, etc...!

More outrageous, raw seafood! 

Hope you enjoyed my little tour of the street food scene, and all the yummies I have to chose from around here!

*** As a side note:  I had a dream last night that my mom said she was getting bored with my blog because I've only been talking about food lately!  Obviously, I'm aware that I've been writing about food a lot because I had a dream about it!  So, I will do my best to get off the subject of food for a while and chose different topics - at least I'll give it my best shot! :)

Happy Monday morning from Busan!


  1. oh my gosh Jill! the street food looks so amazing!!! i am so glad you take advantage of that aspect of Korea, cause we are definitely lacking in that area over here. please try those waffles, they look soooo good!! i need to know how yummy they are!

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