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Friday, November 5, 2010

Date night with my love...

It's been a long time since we've been on a date; you know... the dinner and a movie kind of date!  We're both careful about staying on budget, and saving what we earn by cooking at my place, or downloading movies online!  But, last night, Aaron met me at Nampodong and took me to the brand new Chinese restaurant on my favorite street in the city!   It's the one on the right with the red awning and chinese lanterns!

I was in love with the lighting at this place and did a little photo shoot of Aaron!

This is what I get for holding a camera in his face while he eats!  But, this is the true Aaron! :)  Always a character!

After dinner, we walked over to the movie theater, but only 1 English movie was playing and neither of us knew anything about it, so we headed in search of a DVD bang instead (a favorite of young Korean couples!)  We decided on PIFF DVD... It looked nice, and CLEAN - which is important when choosing a DVD bang around here!  

The hallway leading to our DVD room was covered, head to tow, in blue lights - interesting!  I personally think red is more appropriate for what really goes on in these places!  It's true!

And this was our room, complete with an actual bed (covered in cartoon zebras, dogs, aligators and elephants, mind you)!  We both laughed at the idea of the cute little innocent koreans getting crazy in here, behind closed doors!  So, Aaron is reinacting what the korean guys probably do to lure in their women!  It almost worked on me - but I was there to see the movie, not make out!  :)

We ended up watching ATONEMENT - which started off slow but picked up at the end and was really good!   Not too sure we'll go back to this DVD bang anytime soon... but it was a fun experience none the less!

Thanks for the great date A!   Can't wait for our next one!

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  1. Is it bad that my first thought was how appropriately named a DVD bang is?