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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Leaving late...

Fall is here, and in accordance with the season, it's all of a sudden been getting dark REALLY early!  Last Friday, I left work about 30 minutes late because I was busy checking e-mails, catching up on facebook, and writing a blog...  I was shocked when I turned off my office light and realized I couldn't see anything in my classroom!  It was only 5:15pm, and already pitch black outside, and everyone had already left work!  In addition, the hallway at my school was like a scene from a horribly scary movie - dark and eire and probably haunted - and I was ALL ALONE!  It will definitely be the last time I stay late around here!

On the positive side, I grabbed my camera out of my bag and snapped this picture of the city below, from my classroom window!  I've never been here after dark and was shocked at the view of the city lights below - so pretty, huh?! 

This is one of the redeeming qualitites of working on top of a hill! :)

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