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Friday, November 5, 2010

The fish is staring at me, but it's okay!

Last night, the teachers from my school all went to dinner at the world famous fish market in Jagalchi where raw fish was the menu item of choice!  (In Korea, you don't order your own food... someone from the group orders one thing and everyone shares it.) 

Anyway, someone must have told the Vice Principal that I don't really like raw fish, (my suspicion is that it was Ella!  She loves to take care of me!)...

 ... because I was brought my very own cooked to perfection ENTIRE fish!  Such a sweet, sweet sentiment from my Vice Principal!  ***When I first arrived in Korea, this would have terrified me!  An entire fish; eyeballs, teeth, bones and fins - NO THANK YOU!   But, I've come a long way!   I immediately picked up my chopsticks and dug right in - literally!

I kid you not, this was the most delicious fish I'd ever tasted - ever! 

The finished dish... (not for the faint of heart!)

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