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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Buyers remorse

I hung out with Truchen and Gill in Seomyeon last night after work, and while we had an awesome time and even got home close to midnight, I'm having some remorse about some decisions I made. 

#1: I regret buying and drinking an entire LARGE mocha ice blended drink filled to the brim with whipped cream!

#2: I regret ordering, and singlehandedly devouring, an entire slice of New York Cheesecake along with my 600+ calorie drink!

#3: I regret deciding to go to dinner, after our coffee date, and agreeing to stir fry covered in cheese!

#4: But my biggest regret wasn't about what I bought and ate, but rather what I didn't buy and take home with me last night...  As we were walking through the streets of Seomyeon, Gill spotted a woman on the sidewalk selling kittens, puppies, ducks, and baby chickens out of boxes!  In one of the boxes was the most heavenly, cuddly, all white kitten, with piercing bright blue eyes!

I'd never seen anything like it before... I was mesmerized!  Unfortunately, the lady was trying to rip me off and I wasn't willing to pay the outrageous price she was insisting on!  

Can a person have buyer's remorse over something they didn't purchase, but wish they did?!  If so, than I have buyers remorse over a kitten today!  I'm seriously tempted to go back tonight and see if she's still there, in her little box, waiting, with her piercing blue eyes, for a mommy to adopt her!  I'm not crazy, am I?!


  1. No, go get your little angel cat!!!!!!

  2. Truchie, I love your spontaneity, encouragement to make decisions without thinking them through, and telling me you'd kitty-sit while I'm on vacations! Three of the many reasons I love you!

  3. Love you too Jillers!!!!
    Oh, and I hope you are going to partake in my "visit to Jupiter" questionairre!!! Would love to grace my blog with your lovely presence

  4. I would definitely say that counts as buyers remorse