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Saturday, October 9, 2010

No more nasty flowers!

I've been dying to paint over the ugly 70's style, orange and gray flowered, wallpaper in my apartment for, well... about 18 months now!  Problem was... Koreans don't paint!  They only wallpaper, and I have no clue how to wallpaper!  But, I decided, with my sister coming to visit me this week, it was time to bite the bullet, and find a store that sold paint and buy some!

So, this morning, Aaron and I scooted around until we found a paint store, where we were met by a groggy old korean woman, who didn't speak a lick of English, and who didn't seem too excited to see 2 foreigners in her hole-in-the-wall paint store. (Yes, this happens once in a while).  Long story short, she haphazardly poured 4 different colors of paint into a can, stirred it around a couple times and then handed it to us.  We crossed our fingers that it was the color we asked for, and off we went!

I may be smiling in this picture, but don't let it fool you.  This was a there's no going back moment, which typically bring on an anxiety attack! 

While I'd like to say I'm thrilled with the outcome, unfortunately the latex paint feels more like I covered my wall with a glue stick!  It's sticking to everything, and the color is much darker than we had anticipated!

So, tomorrow, we're heading back for more brushes, another roller, and we're painting it white!  I guess anything is better than those nasty flowers! :)


  1. I feel like I could rock that wallpaper. Then again, this is a person who owns/adores a peacock/turquoise blue velvety couch. :)

  2. Bri! If anyone could rock this wallpaper it would be you - HANDS DOWN!