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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Basil Adventure!

Aaron and I rode the scooter around town, in search of some Basil and Thyme seeds to start a little garden in the sunroom at my apartment!  We had heard of a seed store in Nampodong, so we started there.  NO LUCK... so we tried another place, and then another... until finally, we landed here, at a family run gardening shop!  

NO LUCK again. :(
But the old man running the store jumped on his scooter and made a "follow me" motion with his arm, and off we rode behind him down the street!  (I love that he left his store, un-manned, just to help us!) 

He ended up pointing us in the direction of a store called 한 일 사!  We were so excited...  until we realized he had sent us to a pharmacy, who as I'm sure you've already guessed, did not sell basil seeds!  The language barrier can sure make for some interesting little adventures around here!  

*** As a side note, we did end up finding basil and thyme seeds at our local dollar store: 다이소, which I go to at least once a week!  They were right under my nose this whole time!  Go figure!  So... my teeny tiny garden has begun!  

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