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Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday fun day!

Today was a big day for my students!  They were meeting another foreigner, MY SISTER!   For about 90% of my students, Amy was the 2nd foreigner they had ever even seen in person, let alone talked to!  She was a celebrity all day!  My 2nd graders were the luckiest because she helped me teach this class!

After lunch, Ella presented Amy with this gigantic pecan cake that she had picked up for the big occasion!  We all sat around the table in the teachers lounge and stuffed our tummies while students came, in droves, to get an up close and personal look at Amy and talk to her!  I was so proud of their extravertedness [sic] - None of them were shy today!  

Today was the big storytelling contest in Busan, and my student Lisa was going to be competing, so we asked her to present her story to Amy!  It's really cute, about a little girl who picks her nose and her finger gets stuck!

Ella told us that the Principal invited us to have tea in his office with him, and since denying an invitation from the principal is a no no, we headed over!  He literally can say 3 sentences in English, so it was a lot of motioning and smiling!   The best part was when he picked up a bouquet of flowers he had grown himself, wrapped in a piece of printer paper, and handed it to Amy to welcome her!

 Definitely one of the sweetest gestures I've ever seen from a Korean Principal!  This is Amy, my Principal and Ella (my co-teacher).

My Principal told Ella that I could cancel my afternoon classes and leave early to spend time with my sister today!  (AMAZING and soooo nice!)  So, we left my school around 1:45pm and took a taxi to Song Do Hesoopia Jim Jil Bang!

Since you can't take pictures inside, I stole these from their website!

This is the bath house part of the Jim Jil Bang!  It's huge and has about 10 different pools of all different temperatures and minerals to lounge in!  One of the best parts of this place were the floor to ceiling windows with a gorgeous view of the ocean and Yongdo Island across the water!

After soaking for an hour or so, we put on our Jim Jil Bang outfits and headed upstairs to see what they had to offer!  We went back and forth between this ice room....

... and this warm sea salt room, which is heavenly as far as I'm concerned!  You actually lay in the salt!

After trying out the different rooms we decided to take a nap in these little cubby holes in the wall...

but then we found these massage chairs and couldn't resist!  We went 3 rounds in these chairs and ended up saving ourselves about $30 by not getting the real thing!  We both agreed we probably got a better massage from the chairs anyway!

Amy's first Korean Jim Jil Bang experience was a big success!  She was practically glowing as we were leaving the place!

My mom's birthday is coming up and she's been asking for a pink tank top that I bought in Nampodong last summer, so we walked the streets of Nampo in search of the infamous pink tanktop, but to no avail - sorry mom!  Our trip to Nampo wasn't a total loss though, we had delicious street food for dinner...

... and Amy found 4 things to add to her suitcase!

I walked Amy through the thrift store part of Gukje market to see what bargains we could find. While we didn't find anything worth buying, we did find a dog worth taking a picture of!  The shop owner was letting his poodle lay in this basket of ties that were for sale!!  Gotta love thrift stores!  

Since we were close by the "Chicken Poop House!" (Yes, this is a real restaurant), I knew I had to take Amy!  It's the most awesome, underground, college hangout restaurant, run by drunken old Korean women who serve CHICKEN ANUS!  No joke!  

Amy was so excited to try it!

Here it is friends, CHICKEN ANUS, served with french fries!  And yes, we both ate some!  Add it to the list!

 We've been lounging around my place tonight, and are about to head to bed!  Tomorrow is the huge fireworks show on the beach!  Should be a great day!


  1. This all sounds great! Except the chicken anus. Maybe if they used the word pattoot or something. :)

  2. PS- How many animal anus' meals can you list now? I vividly remember the squid