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Friday, October 22, 2010

Shopping and Bulgolgi on Wednesday!

On Wednesday, Amy, Truchen and I all met on the subway and took the 45 minute long train ride to meet Gill at PNU (Pusan National University)!  While we all appreciate education, we didn't go there to take a class... but rather to shop and endulge in delicious Korean food!  First stop was this darling coffee shop!

The woman who ran the shop liked us so much that she sent her male server over to present us with some extra SERVICE (free) coffee!  It was very sweet and he was darling.  I asked him if he had a girlfriend and his answer was, "No I solo.  So lonely!"  

After coffee we headed over to do some shopping!  Amy spotted lots of funny things to snap pictures with!

... Amy's new hair stylist boyfriend...

...a bouquet of soap roses!  Yes, Koreans actually buy this stuff!

... and my personal favorite find - Couple Undies on mannequins with GIGANTIC heads!!  Classic Korea!

I introduced Amy to my favorite korean street treat!  I'm not sure what it's called, or even what it is, but it's divine!

We all found something fun to add to our wardrobes that night, but our favorite stop was a scarf store where all of the scarves were either $3.00 or $4.00!  Such a deal!  Here we are sporting some of them on the streets of PNU!  

After shopping we headed in search of Bulgolgi (beef cooked at your table)!  We found a darling little place, tucked back in an alley, where every table was packed with college students!  We had apparently found the hang out spot!

I've been in Korea the longest, so I took the liberty of being the chef for the night and even came up with my own way to make fried rice on the grill!

We ended the night with a stroll down the main street where jewelry, purse, clothing, shoe, and cell phone vendors line the sidewalks!  I assure you, Amy and Gill did not buy any of these ridiculous slippers!

The only thing that could have made this night better would have been if Jess was there too!  Miss you Jessi and wish you didn't live 4 hours away!

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