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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fireworks Festival!

Last night was the HUGE Fireworks Festival at Gwangali Beach, which is said to have had around 2.5 million spectators!  We knew we were going to need to get there early to get a good seat on the beach, so we left 5 hours before the show and fought the crowds on the subway, all the way from my place, 23 subway stops away!  Crazy huh?!  Our early departure paid off and we actually landed a seat in the VERY FRONT row of the sand!!  I'm showing off the security tape we're sitting right by!

It was pretty cold when we got there, so Aaron and I cuddled up next to each other... 

... while Amy sat, close by, reading her HUMUNGOUS book! 

The old Koreans behind us were smart, and brought a traditional korean card game to play, to pass the time!

All .86 miles of the white sand beach filled up REALLY fast... This picture was probably taken around 5:00pm, 3 hours before the show even started!  

We stocked up on Korean treats to share: fried chicken, chips, cookies... you know, all the things you should eat when you're trying to be healthy!  (Insert sarcasm here!)

Gill was able to come and meet us before the show started!  This was her 1st time seeing it!

Unfortunately Truchen wasn't so lucky and ended up getting stuck in this human traffic in the streets!  

I love these 2!  (My sister and Aaron)

This year, they had dancers on the beach who were getting the crowd all rawled up!  The only thing this guy did though was dance like a crazy person and make everyone laugh!

I couldn't resist getting out there and dancing with him!  The crowd cheered me on, which was very sweet of them!

There were 130,000 fireworks and tons of lasers in last nights show!   How they organized that to go with the music was beyond me!  The show was spectacular!  These are some of my favorite shots from the night!

This video is of the fireworks set to "New York, New York" by Frank Sinatra!

And this one is to Beyonce's "Halo"!  AMAZING!

The finale was beyond amazing!  This video is definitely worth watching!
FYI: MUTE YOUR COMPUTER VOLUME before watching!  The sound is really distorted!  
The show lasted about 45 minutes and as soon as it was over, the koreans jumped up and practically ran to their cars, buses or subway to beat the traffic!  We, on the other hand, lounged around the beach and enjoyed the gorgeous night air and cool sand in our toes! 

Who doesn't love a good piggy back ride?!

... and a shmooch for good measure!  :)

The whole gang together!  Gill, Me, Aaron and Amy!  

Amy said it was the most awesome fireworks show she'd ever seen and was really happy we went!  So, even though 1/2 our day was fighting crowds and steaking out our spot on the beach, it was all worth it!   Can't wait for next years show!  Who wants to be my special guest next October?!

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