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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Date night to the Film Festival

Last night, Aaron and I ventured over to Nampodong to see "Inside America," a film playing at the Pusan International Film Festival.  

It was a documentary style film, about students attending Hana High School in Midland,Texas, near the border of Mexico.  It followed a coke (the drug, not the soda) addicted beauty pageant cheerleader, a kid in the ROTC, 2 gangs, a boyfriend and girlfriend, a girl in fostercare, and a boy with a crippled arm, who was trying to sell cookies for a fundraiser.  

It was depressing on all accounts, and shocking to know that these types of towns exist in America.  Aaron and I were both wondering what the Koreans all thought after watching that.  I'm sure a lot of them are terrified of visiting America now!  

Regardless, we were glad to be a part of the festival and are hoping to get back in the theater to see a couple more films before it ends this Friday!  Hopefully our next film choice will be a little more uplifting! :) 

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