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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 1... On my way to Hong Kong

I said my goodbyes to Aaron and Togi and then headed down my hill to the subway, but not before stopping at Davids corner store to pick up some snacks!! I couldn't believe my eyes... A bag of goldfish for 1,000 won (80 cents!!) so I grabbed it and headed to the counter. I told David "지검 피리핀스 갑니다" which means: I'm going to the Philippines right now!! He was so excited for me, got up and walked over to the gum area and grabbed some sour ice breakers, pulled the tag off and told me in Korean to eat these in the Philippines and have a nice vacation!! I love his generosity and thoughtfulness!!
The token airport with the ticket picture!  It's a tradition now!! I had to do it!  

The flight was great! I sat next to 3 year old little boy who's mom is korean and dad is from Hong Kong. The kid new more English than 1/2 the 5th graders at my school! His mom says he goes to a language tutor, and can speak Cantonese, Korean, and English! Her son, Joshua, was sitting behind me and proudly announced that he wad 6 1/2. He speaks 4 languages fluently! He put me to shame!!

I arrived at the Hong Kong Airport around 10:30pm and did a lot of walking and window shopping! This place is GIGANTIC! There are 80 terminals in the E2 area, and my flight's gate # wasn't listed yet on the board... So I had no idea what gate to sleep at. I ended up plopping down at gate 23 and cuddling with my "secretly borrowed" airline blanket! 
 Low and behold, when I woke up this morning around 7am and looked at the board, my flight was leaving out of gate 25!! Pretty awesome huh?!

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