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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 2... How Did I Get So Lucky?!

You know you're low maintenance if you can sleep on an airport bench, with a backpack as your pillow, and then get ready in the airport bathroom! It's official... I am definitely low maintenance!

After brushing my teeth and putting a little blush on, I pulled out my ipod and took advantage of the free airport wifi to check on my guy!  Aaron and I chatted, all the way till the line of people boarding was down to maybe 10!  As I walked up to the counter, the flight attendant marked something on my ticket and said, "Your row already boarded, so I gave you a new seat!"  

That's right people, I got upgraded to BUSINESS CLASS because I was late to board!!
Talk about a lucky day!

Economy class has got nothing on the business class!  And I think it's worth mentioning, I had a reclineable chair, a silk feather pillow, my own personal entertainment center, a foot rest, special headphones, a choice of whatever I wanted for breakfast from 6 a bunch of different choices, and any drink, at any time, absolutely FREE!  I could definitely get used to this!  ** And yes, I watched Kendra Wilkinson's E True Hollywood story to top of the luxurious experience!

As if I thought things couldn't get any better.... THEY DID!  When I got off the plane, I met a woman in the domestic airport in Manilla while I was waiting for my flight to Boracay. We started talking, and turns out, she's from Santa Ana (about 5 minutes from where I grew up in California!) and she lives in Boracay with her husband.  I could tell she was filthy rich because she was covered in diamonds and talked about how she's really spoiled in Boracay, and has people to carry her bags and stuff.

So, as I was boarding the plane and saying goodbye to her, she handed me her business card and said, "Jill, This is a magic card!  Don't lose it!  I'll have my driver pick you up at the airport and you can take my speed boat to Boracay!"

I was shocked, and said, "Oh my gosh, Thank you Dolly!"  Then she smiled and said, "I'll take care of you while you're in Boracay!  You're gonna love the Fairways Blue Water Resort!  My husband owns it, and it's on me while you're here!"  I almost fainted!

As I was on the flight, I was thinking... She's really nice, but there's no way she's going to follow through with this?  How am I gonna find "her driver" and how's he gonna know about me?  But, sure enough, I walked out of the airport and spotted this young Philippino guy holding a sign with my name on it!  hahaha! At this point, I knew she was for real, and that I was gonna be in for a real treat! 

This was my first time stepping outside in the Philippines!

Just like she said, a private speed boat came to the harbor, picked me up, and took me to Boracay!

Oh, and I had my own personal boat attendant (along with Romel, who was my personal driver, photographer, and bag carrier!)  Her name was Elda, and she offered me wet towels, water, and cookies from a basket with yellow flowers!  I was seriously living the life friends!

Romel wouldn't let me carry my own bag!  He said he carries Dolly's bags for her, too!  I definitely wasn't complaining!

When we got to the port, Romel called for our own personal resort van to come pick us up and take us to the hotel!  After checking in, which was awesome, considering I didn't have to pay anything, Romel took me on a tour of the grounds!  There are 3 PRIVATE BEACHES... for only the resort guests!

The beaches have the most gorgeous, fine, white sand!

There's a resort spa, on the beach, with private massage huts...

... and a gorgeous infiniti edge pool, with no one in it!  AWESOME!  I'm taking advantage of this tonight!

As we were walking back to the front desk, Romel stopped by the bar to introduce me to the bartender, who had a virgin Mai Tai, with an orange slice, waiting for me!  Really people?!! Since when did I look like a princess?!  This treatment is over the top!  Not that I'm complaining!

Romel asked me if I would like to see my room, and of course I did... So, he pointed across this gorgeous green lush hillside, across THE GOLF COURSE and said, "Your room is over there, in that building!  Your room has a view of the golf course!"  Sure beats where I was originally thinking of staying!!!

Not only does my hotel room have a view of the golf course, it has huge glass doors, which can be opened during the day to enjoy it, a kitchenette, 2 beds (who doesn't love getting to mess up 2 beds?!) the most amazing air conditioning (which is a serious comodity around here), cable TV, a balcony...

... a huge bathroom with a rain showerhead shower!!

Oh, and the best part is, if I ever want to go anywhere on the island, I just walk outside my building and tell this guy and he walkie talkies over to a guy to come pick me up and take me for FREE!  Now that's SERVICE!

I was getting spoiled fast, and didn't want to spend my entire vacation living like a princess, so I took a long walk over to the main road and hailed a "tryke" to take me to White Beach, where all the tourists are packed, like sardines, along the white sand beach!

If tomorrow is anything like today, I'm not going to know what to do with myself!  Thank you Jesus for blessing me with such a gorgeous island to enjoy, and for people to take care of me in this way!

P.S. Aaron, I wish you could be here to experience this with me!
P.S.S. I picked the perfect time to write this, because it started pouring down rain as soon as I sat down! 


  1. JILL!!!! This is crazy/amazing/etc. My dad is visiting today, and he was reading this over my shoulder. He commented that "she must be a lovely soul", and I said Yes, yes she is! :) Have a (continually) wonderful trip! Keep posting!!

  2. this is the BEST thing i have EVER heard.
    can't wait to see the rest of the photos. love you. have fun.

  3. No STINKING way!!! Jill you are the luckiest person ever!! I will say blessed actually, because only God could put you in just the right place at that time!!

    HAVE FUN!!

  4. this is so incredible!! i'm so excited that your trip is starting off so great!

  5. Ahhhhh! Yeah! I am so happy for you! Isn't God amazing? I love it! May His blessings continue to abound to you sista!

  6. Wow sister...that is amazing...I am so glad that you are having such a wonderful time already!! I cannot wait for the rest of your posts.

    Love Kelsey

  7. Wow, wow, wow!!! That is an amazing gift and surprise. Seriously, amazing. I'm so happy for you.

  8. So another comment Jill... (my story occurred after Tim and I looked at your post)

    So, Tim and I were in the grocery store tonight and I was charged wrong for an item. The cashier gave me the item for free and a $5 credit. I turned to Tim and said "See, Jill isn't the only one that gets all the breaks!" Haha, somehow I think you have it better.. :-)

  9. thats so stinkin awesome! what amazing luck! have an amazing time over there!

  10. umm.... SERIOUSLY???? This is so amazing! I'm so happy for you!!!

  11. Wow great, lovely photos. Where did you stay in boracay? is it great facilities there?

    Tanya Gemarin

  12. You must have really enjoyed the Philippines. They exhibit the best hospitality in there.