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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saying goodbye...

Saying goodbye is never easy!! Last night I had to say goodbye to Aaron for 14 days and to Togi FOREVER!  I told Aaron, the other day, that I wouldn't be mad if he found a new home for Togi while I was away... Shes a great bunny but she just eats to many darn electrical cords and has to be supervised at all times!! So I put an ad online at a couple korean/foreigner websites and within a couple hours we had an email from a family, interested in adopting Togi for their 4 year old daughter!! I immediately called the number and the dad was really excited to meet her!! I gave them directions to my apartment and then headed off to the airport... Aaron stayed around to help with the "adoption process!"  He called me later and said Togi couldn't have gone to a better family!! (He took this picture for me to see!)

He said the dad was like the bunny wisperer and she just cuddled right into his arms!!  They have been living in Korea for 5 years, but are new to Busan. So, I'm sad to say goodbye to my sweet and cuddly bunny, but am really excited to never clean another rabbit cage or buy another $30 replacement electrical cord!! So... Goodbye Togi! I love you!! Enjoy your new (and probably improved) family who will love you and play with you!  Behave yourself and go pottie in your liter box like I taught you and please try not to eat their cords!

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