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Monday, June 28, 2010

Off to Africa!

Don't worry Mom! It's not me who's off to Africa!

This is 김 민 자 (pronounced: Kim Min-Ja) She is the intern teacher at my school, which means she basically helps all of the teachers with stuff that they don't have time to prepare, tutors kids, helps with discipline, etc... she's a total sweetheart and is one of the most friendly people I work with!
Unfortunately, today is her last day of work here. She is going to be moving to Rwanda in August to teach elementary school PE for 2 years! What an amazing experience huh?! She said she doesn't know the language at all, but will be taking a month long class to learn the basics, as well as a little about the culture of Rwanda! What a brave girl huh?!
Good luck friend! We'll miss you!

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