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Monday, June 28, 2010

Pen Pals Part 2!

Today was my 6th grade afterschool English class, which is usually only 5 students, but I decided to invite the entire 6th grade class to be part of the pen pal letter writting part 2! Boy was that a headache!
I had a class full of 6th graders yelling, "Teacher! Teacher! I want a girl pen pal!" or "Teacher, I want USA boyfriend penpal!" .... "Teacher, I don't understand this letter"..."Teacher, How do you spell____?" I quickly popped in a Chris Tomlin CD that Rachel Shin sent me last year to help calm my soul! Thank goodness I had that little piece of heaven to drown out my crazy, overly excited, and abnormally loud kids! :)
I think the CD calmed them down too, because before I knew it, they were focused on their letters and not asking so many questions! :) This is Brad and John:

This is Erin! She wants to be an English teacher one day! ** Pegg, notice she is holding your sparkly letters! They can't get enough of those darn things!
Anna is one of my best students! :) This made me laugh because she wrote, "Happy Valentine's Day" on the front of her card, since her penpal wrote it to her! I'm pretty sure she has no idea what it means!
And here are the letters... in all their glory! I need to find 4 more kiddos to write a letter, and then they'll be ready to be sent to the US! My kids can't believe their penpals are gonna write them back and they'll get to do this again! Ahh, to be a kid again!

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