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Friday, June 18, 2010

"De Han Meen Gook!"

Last night, Aaron, Scoot, and I rode over to Seomyeon to watch Korean's world cup game # 2 against Argentina!! First though, we stopped into Lotte's 7 Luck Casino (My choice this time!) to see if my new roulette idea would work! Unfortunately, 50,000 won later, I realized it didn't! Luckily the casino hooked me up with a free dinner and drinks, so I didn't feel so bad! :)

I snapped this picture while we were in the elevator, to show off our red Korea shirts! Aaron thinks it's funny to make faces when I take self portraits! I happened to think this one ACTUALLY was really funny!

After the casino, we jumped on "Scoot" and headed for WA Bar to watch the game! When we arrived, the game had already started, so the place was packed! Luckily, there were 2 bar seats, right in front, with our names on em! We ended up getting the best seats in the house! :)

The bar was filled with women! Aaron and I thought this was so funny, because in America, typically sports bars are filled with men! Sweet irony huh?! It made for some interesting background noise! Picture 1992, a NKOTB concert and all the screaming girls... I kid you not, that's what it sounded like everytime Korea took possession of the ball!

You can't see it well here, but I actually repurposed some beads and sequins from my old WD and sewed them onto my shirt, to make it a one of a kind Korean soccer fan shirt! Aaron and I received lots of smiles, waves, and claps because of our Korean pride last night! I rode on the back of the scooter with the flag tied like a cape!

Tonight though, we'll be sporting our Red, White, and Blue, from my apartment, where we'll be watching the US - Slovenia game while it pours outside! How I love summer rain storms!


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