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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ATTENTION Designer Whores!

Are you a self proclaimed designer whore? Do you shop at ROSS, TJMaxx, LAST CHANCE, and NORSTROMS RACK, looking for the name brand stuff at cheap prices? Well, then look no further! Take a trip to Korea and save yourself the cash....
Yesterday I went on a mission to snap some photos of stores selling knock off name brand stuff in my area! I had to be stealth, as this is not something these people want getting out!
This is the Dolce & Gabana / True Religion jeans booth in Namoodong! You can get knock off jeans for $40!

Have you always wanted a Chanel cell phone cover? Well, look no further! For a mere $7.00, you can have one!

Need a new US baseball team hat? How abaout a Titelist, Chanel, North Face, or Ferrari hat? For $8.00, it's yours!

Don't bother paying big bucks for GUESS, NIKE, POLO, or LACOSTE t-shirts! Get em here for $8.00!

How about a designer belt? Burberry?! Louis Vuitton?! Levi's?! Gucci?!

No outfit is complete without a wig, right?! For $20, you can be a whole new woman!!
Unfortunately, the baby isn't for sale....

All you girls, with small dogs, know you want them to sport a chanel or adidas dress, don't you?!(eeeehhhh!)

Designer sunglasses, for 1 / 50th of the price!

Want a really nice knockoff ROLEX, Chanel, Burberry, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Hermes watch! If you have $20.00, it's all yours! (I'll be honest, I gave into this store last year and bought a chanel watch!) Maybe I have a little bit of that designer whoreness in me!

Well made knockoff wallets at your service!

How about some knockoff NEW B'S or TOMS!

Coach platforms in pink, anyone?
Some polo kicks for the kids?!
Or if you're a little more hoity toity, you can get some Gucci and Burberry knock offs for your baby! Talk about setting them up for becoming designer whore adults!

Need a designer scarf?!
How much hotter would your husband look in these designer undies, ladies?! haha

Trust me... if you're looking for a designer wallet, this place definitely has the knockoff of it!
Want a team jerseys...
... or a Harley Davidson leather (or maybe pleather) jacket...
.... Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and D&G socks for 80 cents a pair... anyone?! anyone?!

If you wear scrunchies (as a side note... you shouldn't! They were big 20 years ago people!) But, like I said... if you wear scrunchies, you can have one of these!
Want a hair rubberband with a Chanel emblem?! These are $1.50!
I feared I would be chased down if I took pictures of the designer purse knock off places... so you'll just have to trust me on those! There are plenty to chose from! So, like I said, you can find anything and everything you want in Korea to assist in the upkeep of your designer whore ways!
Hey, if teaching doesn't work out... maybe I'll start importing knockoffs!!! Who wants to be my business partner?

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