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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Spell check!

Last night, Carlos took the train down to Busan to spend the weekend with Aaron and I! We all went to Seomyeon to watch the Netherlands - Japan World Cup game! You may not know this, but Koreans DO NOT LIKE Japanese... so the bars were packed with Koreans cheering AGAINST the Japanese team! When the Netherlands scored a goal, the whole street would erupt with cheers and clapping!

We ended up spending the night watching the game at a place called METAL CITY. I had to share the contents of their menu with you, because the spelling was so bad!

These were the english translations on the next page!

Spioy Source With Fride Park
Park Cutlet
Fine Apple, Life Log
Dry baby squid & Half Beak with Walleye pollack
Mixing Sticed Fruits

Jack Cock
Rum Cock
Jin Tonic

And this folks, is why it's important to always use your Spell Check!

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