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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yeongdo Port Festival

Aaron and I were invited to go with the Che Family to the Yeongdo (Island) Port Festival on Sunday! The festival had all kinds of entertainment, and for all ages!

Here is korea's form of bumper boats! There are no motors in these... the kids actually have to pedal them to make the wheels move! It didn't seem to bother them though!

One of the main forms of entertainment for the festival was this quiz game! About 100 Korean middle school students sat here, in these chairs, for over 2 hours, answering questions about the history of Yeongdo Port! The winner won a laptop computer!

This was my favorite part! A Hip Hop contest! These guys were legit!

The festival had police and military ships open to the public to tour ~ Here I am, sitting in the captains chair of a huge police ship! I loved that we were able to play around with the controls, talk on the phones, and sit in the captains seat! That was my kind of tour! (Teju, Aaron, Me, and Emily)
Mr Che arranged for us to ride on this pirate ship around the harbor! Minus the extreme wind, it was really awesome!
Here we are, inside the ship! (Mr. Che, me, and Teju)

I found this jacket and hat hanging on the wall, and put it on! Aaron likes to make faces behind me, when I think he's smiling for the picture!

Emily and I!

Teju, Me, "Wendy's mom", and Mr. Che near the bow of the ship... with the pirate!
It was sooooo windy! I'm actually holding my hair down in this picture and it's still flying everywhere!
You can tell that Aaron builds special relationships with his students, because, as we were walking, Teju grabbed Aaron's hand! In Korea, this is what best friends, or sons and dad's do together. I thought it was really cool.
We had an awesome time with the Che's and Emily, as always! We are so blessed to have such an awesome Korean family to love on us!

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