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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mini World Cup Match!

On Saturday, Aaron, and I ventured over to Gyodeem Elementary School to watch my school play in their first game of the mini-World Cup! As it turns out, we do indeed live in a small world, because when we got there, Aaron immediately noticed that his kids were playing my kids! Yep, it was Yeongdo against Gamjung! With hundreds of schools in the area, what are the chances?!
Here are my boys, with coach Jason, during the halftime break, getting a little pep talk! At this point, the score was 1-0! We were winning!
The game ended in a tie, so there was a shoot out, where each team had 4 chances to make a goal...
This is when my boys thought there were going to win!

and this is when they realized they weren't. It didn't help that Aaron's school's goalie was 6 feet tall!

I felt bad for my boys, because I knew they really wanted to win and had been practicing everyday, but it was nice to see Aaron's kiddos win a victory! They cheered like they were in the major leagues, and danced around the field like David Beckham! It was actually really cute, and was really awesome to see them interacting with Aaron. You can tell they absolutely adore him!
The school happened it be smack dab in the middle of an industrial area, sprinkled with brightly painted walls, rusted from years of rain. We thought this one was beautiful and had to take a quick snapshot! :)

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