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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Poked with needles!

Aaron's shoulder has been in a lot of pain since teacher volleyball season started around here! I guess that's what happens when the team expects you to spike every 20 seconds! Over the past couple months, quite a few of his coworkers have been hassling him about seeing their own personal oriental doctors for some acupuncture (which is called Cheem here)... This week, he finally gave in! Yesterday was his 1st treatment. Today was his 2nd, and I went along to document it all!

I'll bet your doctor's office doesn't display a gigantic array of needles in a nicely framed wall hanging like this place! Nothing like needles to welcome you into the waiting area!

Aaron was quickly ushered into the medical area of the clinic and given a heated bed to lay on. They asked him to take off his shirt (my favorite part!) and lay down while they strapped these electrical suction cups on his back, neck, and shoulders. I watched his muscles all twitching as the electricity was cranked up! Youch!

Here's another shot of the electric suction cups! Notice he was nice and comfy! They gave him a pillow to place between his legs, and one to cuddle with! :)

This was the tray of needles outside his little cubbyhole of a room!

and this was the look I got when I took the picture of the tray of needles! haha! This means, "NO!" in Korea... and believe it or not, It's actually not as offensive as it seems! Everybody does it!

I then was told, "Boyfriend treatment, girlfriend outside." haha! So, while I wasn't allowed to document anymore of Aaron's acupuncture, I will tell you that they poked him with over 50 needles - including 8 in his head... and believe it or not, he already says he's feeling a lot better!

After getting that many small needles poked in him for a 1/2 hour, we headed over to Mickey D's for some feel better ice cream!

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