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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday - Elementary Style!

I have received so many funny gifts today! It's as if my kids remembered it was my birthday this morning and quickly looked through their desks to find something worth giving! Bless their little hearts! They're really poor and I can tell they really love the things they are giving me! It's actually very sweet!
I've received...

A dirty teady bear head pin
(from a 3rd grade girl - Julia)

A giant glittery pencil
(from a 3rd grade girl)

A cat key chain with a gold bell and crown
(from a 4th grade girl - Audrey)

A bouquet of paper flowers
(from a 2nd grade girl - Lily)

A paper flower ring
(from a 2nd grade girl - Vicki)

A plastic music box with a huge "made in china" sticker
(from a 6th grade boy - Jacob)

A Hyundai Pen with a pink bow
(from a 4th grade girl - Lisa)

2 tickets to see a Korean Traditional concert and dance performance
(from the intern teacher nextdoor)

An awesome neck pillow for my flight today!!
(from Ella)

A beautiful neck scarf - in this box
(from Ella)

... and this sweet card
(from Ella)

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