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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Birthday Cake!

There's ONE true way into this girl's heart: SUGAR!!!
... particularly in the form of cake covered in delicious frosting!
Aaron is a smart guy! He listened for my subtle (insert sarcasm) clues!

Last night, he came over to have dinner with me at my place. Unbenounst to me, he had bought this cake and hid it in my bathroom! He went in for a couple minutes and came out with the candles lit singing "Happy Birthday!"
(Notice there are cherry tomatoes on the top!) Silly Koreans!
He handed me a fork and the rest is history! We could have eaten the whole thing in one fell swoop that night, but Aaron reminded me of how good it would taste if I saved some to eat for my breakfast! Seriously, where did I find this guy?!

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