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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Church with April

Wednesday night I went to church with my co-worker, April! We had a great drive out to Gwangali after work, and she treated me to a delicious Vietnamese dinner before the service! I always love hanging out with her outside of school!

Anyhow, her church service was in Korean, but I still really enjoyed it! She would lean over and translate things here and there when she really liked something he said!

All that to say, I thought this was REALLY interesting! There were about 50 women dressed in these matching white dress suits!

I asked April why they were all matching and she said there are different levels of Christians in Korea! The ones who have been Christians for 20 or more years wear these white dress suits to church every time! I was so intrigued with this idea, as I've never heard of this before. Has anyone ever witnessed women wearing these matching dress suits before in a church?


  1. Very interesting....How was their worship??

  2. Liz... They sang "Jesus Loves Me" in Korean! Interesting...