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Friday, April 23, 2010

Wanna meet for coffee?!

This is a question that I have never, in my entire life, ever, ever, ever asked someone! That being because I've never drank coffee before... But now, all of that has changed! I'm an addict! I drink a cup everyday at school in the morning, and sometimes another cup after lunch! eehhh, I know!

But today was a REALLY exciting day for me... because I ordered my very 1st hot drink (other than hot chocolate) at Starbucks! Granted it was a "White Chocolate Mocha," I still did it! Here's my cup of sweet deliciousness! (all 390 calories of it! Eehhh, I noticed that after it was already ordered!)

And here it is empty! mmmm! All in my tummy!

So, Anyone wanna meet for coffee this weekend? Now, before you immediately say, "I can't come all the way to Korea for coffee Jillers!" Let me remind you... If you have skype, and you live near a coffee shop with wifi, we can make it happen!

So, I'll ask again, "Anyone wanna meet for coffee?!"

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