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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Making Cookies!

Every 4th Saturday of the month, there's a cooking class for all of the afterschool English students who take class with Susan! Some of the kids invited me to come, so I called Susan and asked if she wouldn't mind me sitting in as a student for the day! She was thrilled, so I went! :)

We each got a turn at stirring the ingredients! They all thought I was the best stirrer. :)

Then it was time to add the "choco chips."

Then Susan and I taught them how to scoop the dough and lay it on the tray!

"Hold the spoon with your right hand and push the dough off with your left." You'd be surprised how many kids had no idea how to get the dough off the spoon! That was my big Martha Stewartt Moment of the day!

In Korea, most apartments don't have ovens (like mine for instance!) So people have to buy these counter ovens! Susan brought hers from home!


Next month we're making chocolate cake! :)

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