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Thursday, April 1, 2010


One of my best friends from Arizona (Jill Bould) is a traveling magnet collector! She loves to buy and collect magnets from wherever she goes on vacation! When I was in Europe I bought her one of Paris (I think), and when I came home to visit Arizona in February, I brought her a Korean magnet!

I bought her a magnet of a woman breastfeeding her kid because I couldn't believe how random it was!! It was in a Korean tourist shop and I just couldn't pass it up! When she opened it at Macayo's, with all the teachers around, everyone laughed at how innapropriate and random it was!

But the story gets better! Aaron switched schools this year and is teaching at a Korean elementary school. A couple days ago he said to me, "Remember that magnet you bought for your friend? You'll never believe what my school has? ...A statue of it!"

A statue of a woman breastfeeding at an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!!??? Really?! Come on people!

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