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Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm a sucker for ice cream!

The students in my after school 5th grade club class were getting a little rambunctious today, so I changed the subject to ice cream and what flavors we like the most! The kids love talking about ice cream! It's like giving a baby milk or a pacifier!! They immediately settle down and concentrate! Anyhow, 5 or so minutes had passed, and we were still on the topic of ice cream! With 10 minutes left in class, I decided it was time to indulge! I said, "Okay, everyone stand up, put your backpacks on, and line up at the door! We are going to the store to buy ice cream! I'll buy it!" I could have gone def with the "Wwwwwaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" that quickly followed!

Here they are at the store!

I love that permission slips are not needed, and that I can spontaneously leave and take my students places! It's always for "learning purposes," of course! (wink)

My only rule was that we sit and eat together and talk!
Some of my students love their pictures taken and smile, like Julie (below)!
... and Jackson!

But others, no matter what I say, give a deer in the headlights look whenever I take their picture! It's so funny! This is Leila!


.... and me and Carrie!

After I said my goodbyes to my students, I began walking back to the school with a couple of my 1st grade girls who were playing in the street! I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around, and Leila handed me this mini-coke and said, "Miss Alexis. This is for you! Thank you for the ice cream." This was especially special to me because of how poor my students are... My cup runeth over!

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