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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fools!

I love April Fools Day! It's the only day you can say something completely outrageous and get away with it! How could you not like a day like that?! Today I played 2 April Fools jokes on my students (4th graders).

The first 4th grade class came in and sat down. I told them we were having a very big English spelling test and that I would grade it and give it to their homeroom teacher! They were all freaking out, and really nervous because they can't spell very well! I said, "Okay, # 1: Dinosaur" There was a group sigh, as they realized they had no idea how to spell Dinoasur. Then I said, "#2: Excavator" haha. Then came, "Cyber, Halucination, Procrastinator, Gruffalo, Station, Information, spinach, and ambulance!" It makes me laugh, just thinking about it! Their faces were so funny! They were really stressed out! I should probably tell you that they barely know how to spell 3 letter words! Ella kept saying, "We taught these words to you last class. You should know them!" They kept looking at her like she was crazy, knowing that they had never studied these words before! Finally, when I had said all 10 words, we shouted, "April Fools!" They all bursted out laughing! It was perfect!

The second 4th grade class came in and sat down. I did my normal intoruction and then proceeded to tell them that today was my last day of teaching and that I would be flying back to America tomorrow morning. They looked at me with the most adorable puppy dog faces and couldn't understand why I was leaving. One of the students, very concerned, asked Ella, in Korean, "How will we learn English if Alexis leaves?" Another said he would write me a letter, and one girl said she would ask her mom to let her call me with her international calling plan! haha. They were all so sad... But we had apparently taken it too when sweet little Robert started crying - real tears! Ella and I noticed him, so she asked, "Oh no, are you sad that Alexis is leaving?" He nodded and another little tear ran down his cheek! I quickly ran over to him, threw my arms around him, and said, "April Fools!" They all started laughing... but this time it was at Robert expense, because he was fooled! :) Ella and I are such good actresses, huh?!

Oh, and to those of you who fell for my facebook post about me quitting my job and moving back to America, all I can say to you is: APRIL FOOLS!

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  1. TOTALLY fooled me!! Remember you are a day ahead of us when we look at facebook!!! Stinker!!