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Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm a Bunny Mama!

I've been talking, for a while now, about wanting a bunny! They're so cute and cuddly, and fairly easy to take care of... So, when I saw this guy selling bunnies out of a box in the subway, I knew I needed to adopt one! Aaron was with me, and shook his head and first, but then once he knew I was gonna buy one, he said, "You really should get 2!" haha!

So, I paid the man, and my two beautiful baby bunnies were put in a shopping bag with a little baggies of bunny food! Aaron picked the gray one, I picked the black! They loved each other from the start!

Our whole purpose of being in that subway station, was to go to the Casino in Lotte! So, since I was carrying my new baby bunnies in a non conspicuous shopping bag, we went ahead and brought them in with us! I'm sure the employees were all wondering why I really wanted my shopping bag in this picture! Little did they know that I was documenting my bunnies 1st trip to the casino!

As it turns out, they are pygmy bunnies, so they will stay this size forever... which brings me to my next point - I have NO IDEA how old they are!

This was their first taxi ride! They did so well, and just cuddled in our hands the whole time!

As soon as I got them home, I whipped out a bag of lettuce I had in the fridge and they were big fans! We named this one Apple, because he loves my laptop (which is an apple). He/She jumps across my keyboard and stares at my screen when I'm using my computer!

... and this one is Togi! (It's the Korean word for rabbit!)

When it was bedtime, I layed a blanket in this basket, and plopped them both in there! They loved it and went right to sleep, cuddled up next to each other! But then, at 1:00am, I woke up to the Mac trying to nuzzle under my chin! Which means, they jumped out of the basket, AND jumped on my bed! Either way, I was happy he missed his mommy!

I knew they needed to be somewhere safe for the night, so I layed a towel in my recycling can and placed them in here! Low and behold, the darn bunnies jumped out of here too! These kids have some serious hops!

So, then I decided they could live in my sunroom. So, I plugged in my heater, slid the slidding glass door closed, and wala... I found them a suitable home! They snuggled up by the heater all night!

When I woke up this morning, I opened the glass door, and Mac came jumping (which looks a little more like running) right over to me! He loves me! What a little schmooch huh?!

More to come... :)


  1. They are so adorable Jill! I can't believe they will stay that small! How sweet!