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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Carlos is in the hospital!

Aaron and I stood on a crowded bus for almost an hour to go see Carlos in the hospital yesterday... and for whatever it's worth we would have stood all day on a crowded smelly bus with ajumas pushing us out of the way, any day, just to see him! (wink, wink)

When we got there, he looked great! He and Jess had just finished a yummy hospital dinner! (Insert sarcasm here!)

Remember his last hospital room?? Well, talk about an upgrade! This place was sooo nice and included a fridge, TV, computer, fold out couch, and a beautiful view!

We brought him and Jess apples and some Ghana chocolate (a Korean brand that is TO DIE FOR!!) to cheer Carlos up and to compliment Jess for being such a stellar and supportive wife!

In order to completely document our visit, I needed a picture of Aaron and I! Unfortunately, everyone laughed when Jess took the picture because Aaron said I always tilt my head over his face, which is soooo true, and soooo not on purpose!

So, this was our 2nd take! :)

As a side note, we all got onto the subject of where we'll be next year, and Aaron and I are both interested in possibly teaching in Vietnam! It's in the very, very, very early stage of talk... but it's something we're both considering! It would be so fun to experience another country, and to be able to do it with my best friend! I wonder if I could bring Apple and Togi?!

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  1. As always... I love the adventure in your heart, and seeing it lived out. :)