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Monday, March 29, 2010

Now that's a Bible Study!

This is April! She is the music teacher at my school, one of my closest friends at work, and she is also a devout Christian.

During lunch today, we started talking about her bible study that she attends at her church. I was really interested in the differences between bible studies in America and Korea (considering Koreans love studying everything, every moment of their day!) So, here's a little glimpse into how her's works!

1. She has to pay $10.00 a month to be a part of it.

2. She has to read 100 pages of the bible each week! (That's a LOT!)

3. She meets with her bible study group, at her church, once a week from 8pm -10pm (That's pretty normal)

4. She has to answer 40 in depth questions, each week, about what she's read! (Wow!)

5. She has to turn in her questions each week... Her answers are then graded by the pastor! (I've never heard of a church grading bible study questions!)

6. If she "passes" her bible study at the end of the year, she will get a prize! Wanna know what the prize is? She will be given a certificate and a Christian book!

*** I've been a Christian for a long long time, and have always enjoyed studying the bible... but it would take a serious amount of discipline, on my end, for me to read 100 pages a week and answer that many questions! Uh oh... Am I a slacker?!

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