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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Winter Wonderland in March!

I woke up to my cell phone ringing at 7:30am! It was Ella... "Alexis, Lessons are cancelled today for the students because of snow." I immediately jumped out of bed and swung open my window to find this winter wonderland outside!!

I immediately called Aaron to wake him up and tell him about the snow! He came and met me before school so we could play in the snow together! (He only lives a 10 min walk from me now!)

It's like Christmas time!

Mr. North Carolina... He grew up in the snow, but was still excited to play in it with me!

mmm, yummy snow!

I walked over to my bus stop and waited... and waited... and waited, to no avail!

30 minutes went by and my bus never came, so I decided to hide out in one of my favorite bakery's down the street and watch, out the window, for my bus to come.

Turns out, my bus wasn't running because of the snow, so I called Ella and asked her what I should do. She was standing next to the Vice Principal and asked him. His answer was, "She can take a holiday today and stay home..." YAY! A couple minutes later she called back and said, "Vice President says it's TOP SECRET!" First of all, I love when teachers call the principals "presidents" and secondly, I really love when things are top secret because it usually means that they are breaking the rules for my benefit! I love my school... I love my new Vice Principal... and I REALLY love snow days!


  1. I could have stayed in that bakery all day!! Yum Yum and what a fun day!

  2. how beautiful!! what a nice surprise to have all that snow and get a day off! i definitely want something from that bakery! LOL