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Monday, March 8, 2010

Why are they all smiling at us?

Last Friday night Aaron and I met for dinner after work in Nampodong for some good ol' fried chicken... It's the southern boy in him, and the junk food lover in me that brought us to KFC (I know, I'm a fat kid)!

When we walked up to the counter to order, the girls were smiling more than just your average smile! It was then that we noticed that we were literally wearing the EXACT same thing, from head to toe!

We had on black converse (which I hardly ever wear), the same color jeans, and our black ASU (Appalachian Statue University) hoodies (a gift from Aaron's dad at Christmas)! In Korea, this is called wearing "couple outfits" and is actually really common amongst young Korean couples! The difference is, those couples actually PLAN to wear matching outfits! Aaron and I just happened to show up looking like twins! I guess the old saying is true, "Great minds think alike!"

(Sorry this picture doesn't show the whole getup... It does however show the delicious fried chicken!) Thanks for dinner Colonel!

1 comment:

  1. I'm absolutely positive you two don't have the same parents, so why do you look like twins?