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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Design on a Korean Dime!

A big thank you goes out to Aaron for trusting me with decorating his new place! His only 2 requirements were "no clutter and organization!" Done and done! :)

After 1 week, here's what I came up with! (Remember, Korea doesn't have Target, Hobby Lobby, Big Lots, Goodwill, Joannes, or Michaels which are my favorite stores when decorating a space) I had to be extra resourceful, and put my feet to work, walking the town, searching for the perfect fabric and organizational items!

I surprised Aaron and broke into his apartment (there's a keypad, I didn't break a window people!) and assembled everything while he was at school today! (I had the day off because of the snow, which was perfect!) Aaron was completely shocked when he walked in and LOVE, LOVE, LOVES IT and said he never wants to leave! I was so happy!

The bedding was hand sewn by guess who?! ME! About 3,000 stitches went into that duvet cover, which is reversible, depending on what mood Mr Aaron is in! It can be brown or blue, both of which match his sheets! I love the duvet cover, but I love the decorative pillow even more! This was made from a tweed skirt I picked up at Gukje Thrift Market for $0.75!! Buying old suit jackets or skirts from thrift stores is a great way to bring a masculine fabric into a room for minimal to no cost! It's finished off with a button I had leftover from the duvet! Pillow $0.75, Duvet $12.00, 2 white pillows $6.00, Sheets $10.00, (from Big Lots in America) Shelf $15.00, and Asian Style touch lamp $20.00

I hand sewed these curtains with some white fabric I found in Gukje Market and blue, brown and tweed fabric scraps leftover from the bedding! This is a great way to tie in bedding with curtains!
Curtains $5.00, Curtain Rod $3.00, Plant $7.00, Glass Plant Bowl $10.00, Wood Box $2.00

This is Aaron's entry area where he puts his shoes. I decided to use this space as a place for him to put important papers, schoolwork, and the change he acquires throughout the day, and dressed it up with some pictures and a nice plant! Every room needs a plant! Brown Paper Holder $7.00, Plant and Pot $ 3.50, everything else Aaron already had!

The pictures on the wall are from a calendar that Aaron's mom sent him with a Christmas package! They are the covers of old UNC football programs. He loved the pictures (and so did I), so I decided to incorporate them! Wall Art: $FREE!

I found this leaf shaped wood in Daiso, a dollar store in Korea! I love the rustic-ness of the wood, mixed with the softness of the candles for romantic dinner dates! Wood Platter $2.00, candles $6.00

This is probably my favorite part of the room! I found this clock today at NewCore outlet (the equivalent of the neighborhood Nordstroms). I'm actually going to paint it to make the numbers pop on the white wall behind it, but the design is pretty awesome! Clock: $25.00

No clutter - check!
Organization - check!
Happy customer - check!
Grand Total: $134.25!

I'd say it's a success!


  1. Totally amazing!! You should start a show for HGTV... LOVE it!! Blue and brown are my colors here in the house.. so of course that was my fav and I can't believe how much you sewed... wow you are pretty cool chicka!!

  2. Jill you are stinkin' amazing! Now you need a sewing machine! Its looks fantastic! Love everything about it! (including the surprise attack!

  3. hi apartment looks sweet of you to do that for him...i hope he has done something equally as sweet for you....tell him he'll have to answer to me if he doesn' are a joy...p

  4. Wow, Jill! This looks great! I think you should paint the clock either lime green or orange (sorry - I know you weren't asking.)

    Now come back to CA and help me decorate my new house!! (No, I don't have one....)