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Monday, March 29, 2010

Jeju Island!

It's on a whim, and the idea came to me today... What better way to spend my birthday than on an island!?

Flights have officially been reserved to Jeju Island (Korea) for my birthday weekend! I had so much fun traveling with Aaron in Indonesia that I invited him to come along! So, he's coming with me! We're hoping to bring you all lots of fun pictures, adventures, and stories from the island!

April and May are when these yellow flowers bloom all over Jeju! I'm hoping to be able to romp through a huge bed of them like this! :)

If we have enough time, I'm hoping to be able to hike Mt Hallasan (a volcano!) Better pack my tennies!

I'm pretty sure this will be an unforgettable birthday! ... Now how will I ever top it next year when I turn 30!?

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