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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Korean Pizza!

Long gone are my days of eating regular cheese or pepperoni pizza! In Korea, it's unheard of to order a pizza with just cheese! The look on the workers faces when I ordered cheese and pepperoni one time, was of utter confusion and disbelief! Why you ask?! Well, because here are some examples of what Koreans believe pizzas should look like!

The more toppings, the better! Yes, the center pizza has waffle fries on it!

Pretty fancy, huh?!

Sweet potato pizza!

This is a seafood pizza!

And lastly... This is an ad for a korean shrimp pizza! Looks pretty yummy huh?!

I've learned to try a lot of new things living here and have surprised myself by the way I've loved most of what I've tried! Case in point, I drank another cup of coffee during tea time today at school! That's 3 cups in 3 days! (The only 3 cups of coffee I've ever drank!) All the teachers keep telling me, "Alexis, you are becoming Korean!" While I'll always be an American at heart, I'm definitely a little Korean too now! :) Anyone wanna meet for pizza!? Flights to Korea are only $800 from LA right now! Tell you what... If you pay for your flights, the pizza's on me! :)

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