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Sunday, March 28, 2010

International Kite Flying Contest

Today, Aaron and I ventured over to Da Daepo beach for the International Kite Flying Contest!

As we were walking along the beach, I spotted this man selling cotton candy in a slushy cup and had to get some!!! mmmm

This man was literally unraveling his kite from within a huge cardboard box. It just kept going, and going, and going!

This one did some pretty awesome swirls in the air...

Kites of all sizes filled the beach sky!

This was my favorite kite of the day!

We brought our little handmade, hand painted Indonesian kite along with us for it's virgin journey in the sky!

Unfortunately, it wasn't cooperating very well! This is about as high as it would fly!

We tried our best to fix the strings by re-tying them all different ways... but ultimately, it just wouldn't fly!

So, we said our goodbyes, and placed it in the trash. :( Note to self: If you want a beautiful kite, buy one in Indonesia! If you want a beautiful kite that actually flies, try Target!

Aaron saved the day by finding an old Korean woman who was selling kites out of a makeshift cart! What a beauty, huh?!

We sat in the sand, on my sarong, and relaxed, enjoying the blue skies and kites all around us... and of course, our own new kite that was actually flying!

Me and Aaron

This should give you a good idea of how huge this octopus kite was... look in the bottom left hand corner and you'll see our kite!

We decided to take a walk over to the new viewpoint staircase! We tied our kite to the back of my backpack and Aaron, being the good sport that he is, offered to hold it on the walk!

What a cool view huh?! I'd love to come back at night and take some pictures of the city lights, reflecting off the ocean water! That's for a later blog!

We spotted this family, relaxing and cooking seafood on the rocks.

While Aaron searched for rocks to skip in the water, I went on the lookout for heart rocks! Look what I found!

We walked over to our favorite play area, and did some hoop shooting! We cheat and do it together at the same time! We're really good and are always crowd pleasers, but we can never seem to get past the 2nd level...

We noticed the area had trampolines, so we jumped for a little while and I showed off my flipping abilities! Aaron was really impressed! Apparently, so were the 3 boys on the trampoline behind me!

Tah dah!

We walked over to the best Samgyupsal restaurant in Busan! (Well, that's our opinion at least!) Maybe it's the food, maybe it's the fact that it overlooks the beach! Regardless, we both love it!

This was the first time I had ever cooked Samgyupsal, all by myself, without the servers help, at my table! I'm becoming such a Korean!

After dinner, we walked over to the Fountain show! Aaron was making me laugh so hard, doing funny dance moves as we walked along the sidewalk! Here's just a fun glimpse! He channelled his inner snoop dog in this version of the cryp walk!

The fountain show started back up this month, so we headed over to watch it! The sun was setting in the background, filling the sky with a beautiful tone of pink!

It was far too cold for both of us to stay through the whole show, so we called it a night and jumped on the bus to go home! There's never a dull moment in Korea! Chalk this up to another fun filled Sunday! :)

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