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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dinner at the Che's house!

Aaron and I have become really close with the family of 2 students from his previous school. The Che family has invited us over to their home 3 times now for dinner! It's always so fun to hang with them!

Last night was a blast! Julia (the mom), who doesn't know much english and simply calls herself "Wendy's mom" made the most awesome shmorgasboard of food for dinner! The white circles below are vietnamese rice papers. You place one at a time into a bowl of warm water, on the table, and it instantly softens. Then you load whatever you want in it, wrap it up, and enjoy the deliciousness!

After dinner, we sat around the table drinking Kenyan coffee and eating Korean snack food. I say this because I drank my very first cup of coffee, EVER, and I actually liked it! mmm fresh ground Kenyan coffee beans with milk and honey is where it's at!

played a really fun Japanese game called "Yanuri " (I think). Before we played though, we needed to pick teams, so we used a common Korean method. Everyone shakes their hands and then at the same time either faces their palm up or down. When there are equal palms up as down, the teams have been made! So creative huh?!

It's played by throwing 4 sticks and moving 8 pieces on a gameboard! If you're a game lover, you definitely need to add this one to your game closet!

Candy, their oldest daughter, is a junior in HS, Wendy is in 7th grade, and Emily is from Kenya and lives with them! They met her when the family visited Kenya on a missions trip years ago!

Jason, "Wendy's mom", and me!

After playing Yanuri, we watched Korean music videos on TV. This group was really funny because there were 3 guys, but the groups name was "4 men"... hmmm!

As we were leaving, Emily gave us this awesome panther carved from wood and made in Kenya! I love it! She helped us give it a Kenyan name... So, I'd now like to introduce my newest pet, "Mazzuli!"

The whole gang together! Teju (Jason), Aaron, Me, Julia (Wendy's mom), Wendy, Emily, Candy, and Mr. Che.

*** Just a fun side note. I've been noticing that all of the high school and junior high girls have the EXACT same haircut! So, I asked Candy and Wendy about it. Apparently in Korea, there is a hair limit length for girls and boys in middle school and high school. Each school has it's own rule, but hair basically has to be short, and only black! At Wendy's school, the rule is no longer than 10 centimeters past your ear. There are often hair checks, so if a girl's hair is past the limit, it is cut on one side... Then the girls have to go home or to a salon to have the rest cut evenly! The whole reason for this is... "Girls shouldn't be focusing on their hair, but rather their school work!" Can you imagine if this were the case in America! WOW!

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