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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sweet Home Welcoming!

I arrived at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport around 12:30am this morning to a practically empty airport! I guess no one else is crazy enough to fly into Phoenix at that time of the night!

As I was walking through the baggage claim area, I heard a women giggling to my right. When I looked over, it was Julienne!!! (Most of you don't know about the Julienne and Augustin Nivyabandi, so, I'll give you a quick rundown: Before leaving for Korea, Kevin and I volunteered with an organization called the I.R.C. in Phoenix, where we were matched up with this family from Tanzania to help them settle into life in America, teach them English, and just love on them. We became really close with them, and spent at least a night together every week for about 2 years!) So, here's the story:

Julienne had been standing there, waiting for my plane to land so she could see me for the 1st time in over a year! I couldn't stop smiling when I saw her, and jumped over to her with my arms wide open! Then, minutes later, Augustin walked in the door from outside, and we both laughed and smiled, so excited to see each other again! They literally came to see me at the airport for 3 minutes before I got picked up! I felt like a million bucks!

The 3 of us walked out to the passenger pick up area together, and within minutes, Kevin's dad arrived to pick me up! :) It was sooo great to see him after a whole year!

When I jumped in the car, he said "Your mom wanted me to bring these for you, incase you wanted one on your drive home." (I'm a diet coke FEIN, and she had 1 with caffeine, and 1 without, depending on what I wanted!) She has definitely never lacked in the thoughtfulness area!

Then, when I go to their house, there was a welcome home note in the kitchen, and when I went into the guest room there was another note on my pillow, and all these treats on my nightstand - 3 of my FAVORITE things!! Molly knows me so well!

I was actually able to sleep a full 6 1/2 hours, and then, as if things couldn't get any better, I woke up to fresh baked cinnamon rolls (my favorite breakfast treat)...

... and my mom and dad in law, sitting, waiting for me to eat breakfast with them!

It was such a special home welcoming! Thank you guys! Love you!

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