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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Anderson Family Dinner Night!

Anytime I hear the words, "Anderson Family Dinner Night" I know I'm in for a good time! This time, family dinner night was in my honor, which was awesome! Before I left Korea, Kevin's mom asked me what I wanted to have for dinner, and I quickly answered: brisket, mashed potatoes, fruit, and cinnamon muffins please... as if I had been waiting for her to ask me for an entire year! She laughed and said, "That's my Jillers!"

I could barely contain myself when Kirstin (Kevin's sister), Jay (her husband) and their 2 boys, Caeden (4) and Caleb (1) walked in the door! I instantly hugged Kirstin, picked up Caleb...

gave Caeden and huge auntie Jiller's hug... and unloaded the gifts! :) Caeden was a good reminder. He looked me straght in the eye and said, "Auntie Jillers. Where's my gift?!" haha! He got this bathtime shark glove, since he's going through a fish and animals phase! I think he was a big fan!

The boys (Jay, and dad) got some chocolate "Crunky Nude Balls!" (Those were given more for the name than the taste!) There were plenty of jokes to be made with this one!

Then the girls got their funny English T-shirts! (Kirstin)

Mom and Caleb... (Double click to read the ridiculous message on her shirt.)

I also gave Caeden some Korean style crayons. We sat down at the kitchen table together to do some coloring, and he asked me to write his name for him, so I spelled in it Hangul (the Korean alphabet). After looking at it for a couple seconds, he looked over at me, very puzzled, and said, "Jillers. My name doesn't have an "F" in it!" We all died laughing!

Dinner... mmmm!!! Always delicious when it's made by Molly!

Caeden wanted to sit right next to me, which was a fun treat! :)

(My nephew Caleb) Can you believe how adorable this little smooch is?! The last time I saw him was when he was a week old!!! I think he loves me! :)

Yea, I'm pretty sure he loves me!

Kirstin and I... always so happy to be in the same room together!
The whole gang! :) Me, Molly, Chris, Caeden, Jay, Kirstin, and Caleb!

I couldn't have asked for a better 1st day home!! :) Love you guys!

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