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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mrs. Rusch!

My sister in law is getting married this April, and it just happened to be that I got to be home for the family wedding shower!

I have to take a moment to showcase the cake, which was gorgeous and delicious! This was the first cake I'd had in over a year! I couldn't eat it fast enough!

Being that I'm living in Korea, I decided to give Kelsey a Korean style wedding gift... so, she got:

*** a handmade, hand stitched, one of a kind apron, from muah! (Because once you're married in Korea, it means you're gonna start cooking - every night!)

*** couple undies!!! (for the bedroom!)

*** and some couple socks, so everyone knows she and Jameson are together when they take their shoes off!

Somehow, I always seem to be put in charge of doing something creative (not that I'm complaining!!) This time, Kels asked me to assemble the bows for her wedding rehearsal night bouquet! I was honored to have such an important duty (wink wink) Lovely, huh?!

The women from Kevin's side of the family were all there to celebrate with Kelsey: Annie, Lisa, aunt Gail, Kelsey, Mom, and Me. It was a real treat to get to catch up with all of these beautiful women after so long!

Kelsey... May you and Jameson have decades and decades of unfaltering and unconditional love for each other... and beautiful babies, of course! I love you both! Congratulations!

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