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Friday, February 26, 2010

I love my friends!!!

Yesterday began with a nice drive down PCH...

to meet Gary (my old youth pastor and great friend) at Haute Cakes for breakfast in Newport!

I love, love, love Gary! He played a huge role in my faith and life, and I am forever grateful for his example and encouragement for the past 13 years!! He was the one who threw me up on stage and made me sing for the youth group when I was 15!! I was terrified of course, but slowly found my giftedness! Who knew I would end up leading worship hundreds of times after that! It was sooo nice to catch up with him over delicious pancakes, an omelette, and a shared diet coke!

Unfortunately, Ami (Gary's wife) wasn't able to get off of work to meet for breakfast, but when I heard she was coaching at New Hope Gymnastics, I knew I had to go see her! For those of you who have met me in the past 10 years, you probably don't know that I spent my entire childhood walking through these doors and living in this gym!

I knew I had to jump in the pit! This was one of my favorite places in the whole gym! It was a bonus to get to see Asher and Skylar (Gary and Ami's kids)! Neither one of them remembered me, but it's okay. By the time I left, they were big Jill fans! Probably because I did flips into the pit!

Ami and I

I couldn't resist! The only bone I've ever broken was my pinkie finger, from hanging on these rings and falling!

I always wonder if my old teachers or coaches would remember me if I saw them. I never expected, in a million years, that my coach, Chili, would remember me after 17 years! But when I saw her walk through the door, I yelled "Chili" and she came towards me, crying, because she was so excited to see me again! What an awesome feeling that was!

After playing at the gym, I drove over to Vanguard University to see my old RD (resident director), Amanda Cooper, who is now married! She told me within the first 10 seconds I saw her that she's PREGNANT and really didn't want me to find out through facebook! It was so fun to find out in person! We decided we didn't get enough time to catch up, so we're meeting for dinner tonight! I requested to eat in the cafeteria! I can't wait to go back, after 7 years to the place I ate everyday for 4 years! I'm nostalgic about that kind of stuff!

Family picture!!!

The next big date on the calendar was to see my old college roommate, and best friend Lynzi! When I pulled up to her new house, I immediately saw this sign, sticking in the grass!! Her and her 3 year old son Greyson made it to welcome me back! :)

My 1st time meeting, and holding, Blakely Elizabeth Irvine! (5 months old) She's an absolute ANGEL and immediately smiled at me! She loves her auntie Jill!

Present time was a big event!

He got a tomato! Sounds lame, but it's awesome! You throw it on the ground and it splatters, and then molds back together! He was a HUGE fan!

The picture with Daxter (Lynzi's dog) is kind of a tradition with Lynzi and I. It's weird to come and visit her without doing it!

The Irvines!

Dinner was at a Korean restaurant with my college roommates! The 5 of us all lived together in 2001-2002! Best year of college, for sure, because of these 4! (Jess, Lynzi, Krista, Me, and Sarah)

After dinner, we had a sleepover at Lynzi's to continue catching up! :) It was such a great, fun filled, day!


  1. ok... first off.,.. this was buried under lots of other posts (maybe I need to visit more) But Coops??? WHHHAAAT!!!! I'm so stinkin' excited right now. I have to find her on facebook now, i miss her tons!

  2. Oh my gosh, CHILI!! I can't believe you went by New Hope and that she was there! I have to make a point to go back someday!