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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hoppy Family Day!

Somehow... I'm not sure how, my sister convinced me to go with her to a Hot Yoga class at 6:00am this morning! First of all, I've never done a yoga class in my life, and secondly, I'm not a fan of heat! And besides, why would anyone want to sit in 105 degrees for 90 minutes while they hold insane poses?! I think my "I wanna try everything once" mentality got the best of me... and wala, I was in the yoga studio!

When I saw my old Orthodontist walk in the door, I thought, "Ahh, if he can do it, I can do it! This class should be a piece of cake!" I had my camera, and quickly snapped a shot with him... (Notice the foggy lens... yea, that's from the HEAT!)

Picture number 2... after the lens wipe!

After the class, Amy and I were huge balls of sweat and smelliness... I could barely hold the poses sometimes because my hands would slip from the sweat! GROSS! It's a LOT HARDER than I imagined! I'm sure the instructor was just trying to be nice, but she told me I did a really good job for my 1st time!

After hot yoga, Amy and I drove home, showered up, and headed over to the donut shop with my dad! This has been a tradition of ours for years. Whenever I come home, we go here and I always get the same thing...

... a cinnamon roll! :) I figured I had just taken a 90 minute hot yoga class... I should be guilt free about eating this huge donut!

My dad, Sing (the owner for the past 20 or more years!), Amy, and me.

After the donut shop, Amy and I jumped back in the car with my mom and headed over to Sav Mor Thrift! We are thrift store girls, and always have been! We just love the challenge of finding a treasure! All together, 9 treasures were found today! :)

Around 7pm, my aunt Debby and cousin Darren came over... They, myself, my dad, and sister Amy loaded into the Expedition and drove over to Golden Spoon together!!!

My tummy has definitely missed frozen yogurt! Me, Debby, Amy, my dad, and Darren at Huntington Beach Golden Spoon!

We all went back to my parents house and my mom was so excited to show Debby and Darren one of my gifts that I got her (which was just a funny little gadget I found for $1.00 back in Korea. Who would have ever guessed it would bring so much laughter?!) It's not necessarily that gadget that's so funny, but rather the text on the packaging!

You can't read it here, because it's too small in this picture, but in the front bottom corner, it states "Especially suitable for long-distance driving, drunk driving and night driving."

Here's the back of the package: Double click on the picture to enlarge it... It will definitely be worth the effort! The english is horribly funny!

Check out the diagrams! Apparently when you lean forward, as if you're about to doze off, it beeps in your ear!



best of all... Family! It feels so good to have the 4 of us back together again like old times!

Amy, my mom and I all capped off the night, by laying on the floor of my parents room, watching Monday night's episode of the Bachelor on my laptop! What better way to end the night than watching women fight over a man! hahaha! Cheers to American reality TV shows and watching them with my favorite girls!

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