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Friday, February 26, 2010


This morning, I woke up to the most delicious smell in the air! Lynzi made bran muffins from Trader Joes! I ate 3!!! (Yes, that number is right!)

Greyson is such a great kid! He begged Lynzi to let him wear his "big boy underwear" because Sarah and I were there, and I think he was trying to impress us! About 10 minutes later, he hid under the stairs and came out with wet pants!!! Oops!

Saying goodbye is always the hardest part!

When I got home, I played in the backyard, taking pictures of bees collecting pollen in my mom's peach tree, which is covered in gorgeous pink flowers right now!

My mom's cat isn't feeling very good today, so she spent a lot of time getting high off the"cat nip"!! Yes my mom offers plenty of kitty marijuana for Persia!

I love these two!

Rachel Shinn, one of my favorite girls from college, drove all the way from Long Beach to have lunch with me at Taco Bell! (That was my lunch place request!) As if driving all the way to Fountain Valley wasn't enough... she brought me presents (tons of amazing supplies for my art nights with Jessica in Korea)!!! She is wonderful, and PREGNANT! Doesn't she look amazing!

Mmmmm, double deckers are my favorite!! I ordered all my favorites: 1 double decker, 1 taco, 1 nacho, and 1 cinammon twist! I'm paying for it now, trust me!

I actually grew up going to this Taco Bell. Every Thursday, when I was in 5th grade, my friends and I would walk to this Taco Bell together, and my mom would always give me $1.26, which bought me 2 tacos! :)

My best guy friend from High School, Ryan Breska, came and picked me up for a dinner date at Islands! We try to see each other at least once every 2 years or so, and he's really one of the only high school friends I keep in touch with! He's a special one! :)

Stephanie, my good friend from college, showed up at my parents house while Ryan was still there... Ryan made a joke about how I should have brought an olympic torch with me this week and had each person I met with pass it onto the next, since they tended to overlap all week!

Stephanie and her fiance, Adrian, came and picked me up and took me to Marie Calendars for some pie! (Also my request!) Oh Kalua Creme Cheese pie... How I've missed you!

I instantly fell in love with Adrian, and couldn't have picked out a better man for my dear friend! They are the sweetest couple, and show such a deep level of love and respect for each other! They are inspiring and I couldn't stop smiling being with them! Their wedding is this April 11th! :)

I'm home now, cuddled up on the coach with my mom, sister, and dad, watching Elevator Girl (a Hallmark movie). My parents love Hallmark movies! :) It's so nice to be home with these 3!!

Tomorrow is my last day in the US before I head back to Korea! I can not believe it! aaahhhhh!!!

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  1. I have been craving a double decker supreme for weeks! my fave. :)

    I'm glad you are having such a great trip