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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Date Night!

I actually had 2 dates tonight! Aren't I a lucky gal?!

My first date was dinner with Stella after work!

After dinner with Stella I headed home for my 2nd date of the evening! There he was, waiting patiently for me when I walked in the door- Randy Pausch...

...all 206 pages of him! Yep, my date night tonight was with a book - a great book actually; The Last Lecture about a man (Randy), dying of pancreatic cancer and the lessons learned through his 47 years of life, and the legacy he hopes to leave for his wife and 3 young children. I started, and finished it tonight, while laying cuddle up with my blanket, on my comfy rug, on my 20 degree celsius heated floor while the rain fell outside my window and tears rolled down my cheeks!! It was an emotional date to say the least... but one I'd recommend to everyone! :)

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