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Monday, February 8, 2010

Dong Choon Circus!

Yesterday I snuck out of work early to see a Korean circus that I had read about online! (shhh, don't tell!) It was right here in Jagalachi (practically my backyard)! I'm a sucker for circuses and rushed, like crazy, almost pushing people over, to get there! To my surprise, when I finally arrived, I only saw about 25 spectators (tons of empty chairs), and these 4 girls, riding on unicycles. I plopped myself on a chair in THE FRONT ROW and pulled my camera out! (You know it's not gonna be epic if you show up 30 minutes late to a show and there's still a seat in the front row!

While it was no Cirque De Soleil, it was still a fun experience! I'm a fan of talent shows too, you know!

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