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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Today was one of the last days I'll see my 6th graders, so in a brief moment of sadness mixed with a pinch of stupidity, I gave them my phone number (which they have been asking for since day one!) Let me restate that, I finally gave (3) 6th grade girls my phone number, who then gave it to ALL of their classmates! I guess I didn't think about that possibility! My phone has been ringing off the hook, and text messages have been rolling in with messages like:

"Hi-! I'm marie. How are you? ^^ I'm happy ->_<>
"Hi alexis! I love you. I miss you. i'm happy. Tank you!!"

I just answered my phone and this was how the call went:

Me: Hello?
Student: Hi, my name is Lisa.
Me: Hi Lisa. What are you doing?
Student: (She said something, but I couldn't figure out what it was... so I moved onto a new question.)

Me: Are you going home?
Student: Yes.

Me: Are you going to Hagwon today?
Student: Yes. Okay Alexis. I love you, bye.

... and that was it!

I can't wait for my phone to keep ringing all day long! (insert sarcasm here!)


  1. I hope your title for today is not your REAL number.... very funny and cute. You are making quite the impression on those young ladies.. :)

  2. Lizzy! I am so glad you commented... for more reasons than 1. First, I did have my REAL number! Duh! Did I not learn my lesson earlier today?!

    2nd: I completely forgot to look up Ryne's blog when i got home from Indonesia! Just did, and I love it! I added it to my blog list!

    3rd: I had NO IDEA you guys had a blog as a family! I love it! Your vegas trip looked awesome!

    I miss you bunches!