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Monday, January 18, 2010

DAY 5: Snorkeling and relaxingl

Woke up at 6:30am, thanks to Aaron, who came to my door and said "Let's go for a walk!" So, we walked into town to get some breakfast! (35 min walk) along this pathway, just in from the shoreline! It wraps around the entire Island. You can actually walk it in 2 hours! That's how small this place is!

We stopped a couple times to do things like catch baby chickens while this lady fed them...

... admire the wild purple bouganvilla...

... and the other beautiful flowers, native to the island!

Breakfast was banana pancakes, with Knotts Berry Farm honey, overlooking the ocean! How cool is that?!

After eating banana pancakes on the beach, we walked over to the internet place. There are only 2 on the entire island, and one was closed because the owner went to Lombok, and the other internet place was down. So sad... This was what happened everytime I went into town for the next 3 days! Which is why you're reading this so late in the trip.

Instead of walking along the shoreline, we decided to walk through the middle of the island, since that's where the natives all live! There were palm trees everywhere and thousands of mosquitos to go along with them! We had bites all over our bodies! Lesson learned... don't walk through the middle of the island, near the lake!

When we finally got back to the bungalow, we relaxed and did some reading in the hammocks. That's when we met Tongues (our favorite cat on the island). Tongues is like a lap dog! He follows us everywhere and always wants to be where we are! We named him Tongues, because when we would pet him, he would purr and kneed, and his tongue would always be hanging out just a little!

When the sky started to clear a little, we met up with Max and Baola and did some snorkeling! We really wanted to see the turtles, but the waves were huge, and trying to walk with flippers in the ocean was interesting!

While we didn't see any turtles, we did find the most incredible blue starfish! It was huge... about the size of an over-sized dinner plate, and was bright royal blue, like the picture below! I'd never seen anything like it before.

We would have loved to have been able to take showers after being in the ocean, but there was no water! I took this picture later in the week when I saw the water being delivered! Yep, this is the amount of water supply this place had! Talk about needing to conserve, huh?!

We had lunch with Max and Baola on the beach and while we were eating, we noticed that the water bottles here all say to "keep away from smelly goods!" hmmmm...

This was the mama cat at the place were were staying! She was really mean and would usually kick her babies in the head when they were trying to eat! We had to feed her and keep her occupied so her little one could jump under her to get some milk!

We ordered dinner and ended up taking it up to my place, because the mosquitoes were in full effect! so, we sat under the mosquito net, and relaxed with our yummy food!

As you can see, there's not much to do here! We love it! This is what a vacation is all about!

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